Welcome to PoolCovers.co.za! Before you get started, here’s how it works. We are a 100% digital self-service store for pool covers so we do not have a fixed location and you cannot collect your pool cover however, we deliver anywhere within South Africa. This website is packed with all the info you need on how to measure, order and install by yourself. You generate your own quote in the store so we don’t email quotes nor measure your pool. We also don’t have a sales or support team answering phones. Why? So we can complete your order quicker and so we can keep our pricing down! It’s all very simple though and you’ll be done flexing your credit card and placing your order in no time at all!

Here you will find GeoBubble pool covers that offer water, power and chemical savings, as well as natural heating for a warmer pool and longer swimming seasons. Launched in 2011, we are one of the oldest online pool cover stores in South Africa and you can’t get better than GeoBubble for quality and longevity. Pool covers don’t get easier than this!


EnergyGuard GeoBubble™ Cover

A pool pump’s capacity to consume large amounts of electricity was the reason for development of this cover. The recently upgraded EnergyGuard™ halves power consumption and also heats water by 7ºC. Read More

Sol+Guard GeoBubble™ Cover

The best cover choice when it comes to raising water temperatures through solar energy gain and improving heat retention. Sol+Guard™ creates an aesthetically pleasing setting, especially at night when the pool lights shine through the cover. Read More

Thermal GeoBubble™ Cover

The first step to heating your pool naturally. Extend your swimming season by 6 to 8 weeks either side of winter and enjoy more comfortable water temperatures during the swimming season. Our Thermal Imported cover is also a great way to make household savings. Read More

Towing Cord Kit for thermal covers

The Towing Cord Kit is designed to aid the use of your thermal pool cover. Simply attach the three clips and nylon tow cord to the edge of the thermal cover, walk to the opposite side of the pool and gently pull the cover towards you using the nylon cord. Read More

Rollup Station for thermal covers

A Rollup Station is the perfect accessory to aid the use of a thermal pool cover. It also ensures correct storage of the cover when not on the pool, preventing wear and tear and extending the cover’s lifespan. Read More



GeoBubble™ – it’s what every pool is wearing

GeoBubble™ – it’s what every pool is wearing



Learn about child drowning prevention and pool safety here

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