EnergyGuard Selective TransmissionEnergy-Guard Selective Transmission – New multi-purpose pool cover steps up to meet the demands of sustainable lifestyles.

It’s been a busy year for and we’re excited to have just unveiled our newly upgraded EnergyGuard thermal cover.

This innovative cover was first designed as a solution to reduce power consumption by 50%. This was when SA’s power crises took hold in 2008/9 (and the term loadshedding became an excuse for, well, everything!) EnergyGuard achieved power savings by blocking out all light entry into the pool’s water – light being a nutrient for algae. But there was room for improvement and 2015 saw the team behind the globally recognised GeoBubble technology back at the drawing board, looking for ways to further enhance the performance of this ‘smart’ thermal cover.

The result? The new EnergyGuard Selective Transmission cover. And no, it does not pick up your favourite radio station but it has some pretty cool benefits not seen before in pool covers!

Until now, pool owners have had to choose between raising water temperatures with semi-transparent covers, or reducing filtration and chemical costs via opaque pool cover material. Now, the EnergyGuard Selective Transmission cover does both, marking a new era in multi-purpose thermal pool covers.

Using a process called Selective Transmission to filter different types of light, the UV rays that feeds algae are blocked, while the infrared wavelengths that can heat water are still allowed to penetrate the cover. EnergyGuard now raises water temperatures by up to 7 degrees Celsius, while still reducing pump time by 50%. Chemical input is also reduced by 60%. This cover is dark grey in colour.

And, as with all our pool covers, water evaporation is instantly curbed by over 98%.

With all these benefits combined, the argument for covering up with an EnergyGuard has never been stronger. Bear in mind too that this cover is an excellent way to shut down your pool in the cooler months. You’ll save a heap of money and your pool will need little input to get it ready for season when spring approaches. Get ahead of the curve, or rather the wavelengths, and order your EnergyGuard Selective Transmission cover now!

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