Have a question about pool covers or PoolCovers.co.za’s products and services? Read these FAQs and drop us a line if your question is not answered here! Ordering your pool cover

  • What is the m2 price of the covers? The m2 price is displayed here on our website’s product pages.
  • Can you send me a quote? We don’t email quotes and we don’t send people out to measure and quote. You simply enter your measurements and location into the website and it generates a quote for you. Very simple and easy.
  • Can you send me an invoice? We do not invoice independently of the online store / website so we cannot email you an invoice. The website will generate your invoice and you can print from there as required.
  • Can I pay by EFT? Payment is via credit or debit card only. This all goes through the secure third-party banking system PayGate, and they can’t accept EFT payments – sorry.
  • How do I choose what cover is best for me? •    If you want heating – Sol+Guard •    If you want power saving – EnergyGuard •    If you want a cheaper cover but still an all-round excellent performer – Thermal GeoBubble.
  • I have a complicated shape pool. Help! No problem. Email us a photo or sketch and we can advise:  info@poolcovers.co.za  Please include a special instruction with your online order and back this up with a good sketch.
  • Will my cover shrink? How do I counteract this? GeoBubble covers can sometimes shrink on the length only but this is not always the case and it is unpredictable. A lot of technology has gone into developing the material and the manufacturers have advised that the increased benefits in performance and longevity far outweigh making small allowances for shrinkage. A lot of customers now like to add 2% extra to the length of their cover and then just tuck this under when on the pool. If the cover does not shrink after an extended period, just trim it off.
  • How do I choose between the Rollup Station and the Towing Cord kit? The Rollup Station is definitely the superior option but a bit pricier. The Towing Cord kit is great if your budget is tight.
  • Does my pool cover come in strips? Do I have to join the strips? No. The cover will come in the right width for your pool/measurement. You don’t need to join strips, we do the plastic weld in the factory. You only need to trim down at the edges to fit your pool.
  • Is a thermal pool cover the same as a child safety cover? No. A thermal cover is not safe for children or pets. A safety cover is a totally different type of cover. If child or pet safety is of concern, a GeoBubble cover is not recommended.

Fitting and using your pool cover (See video on how to trim your cover below)

  • Do you come and install my cover? No – these are DIY covers installed by yourself. You will receive a clear guide on how to trim the cover to fit. It’s really simple!
  • How do I install my cover? A diagram and instructions will be included with your order, however our covers are simple and easy to trim to size / install. See video below. You need a standard pair of scissors only to trim the cover. We’ll also send instructions on installing the Rollup Station if you ordered one.
  • Which side of my thermal pool cover makes contact with the water, which side faces up? The bubble side of the cover must be in contact with the pool water, and the flat side facing up. We’ll send you full instructions and a troubleshooting guide with your order.
  • What happens to my Kreepy when the cover is on? Well, your Kreepy keeps creeping – it’s business as usual.
  • In summer we swim every day – do I need to re-cover my swimming pool every night? Covering up after use will keep the pool water warmer, cleaner and protect the water from overnight drops in temperature.
  • How should I store my cover when off the pool? Never leave your thermal cover in direct sunlight when it is off the pool. Roll it up neatly, and store it under cover/out of sunlight as this will significantly extend its lifespan. Drop us a line about a protective sheath for your pool cover -– we do those too.
  • General maintenance tips? Never drag your cover over the paving as this causes abrasive damage.
  • It gets a bit windy in my neck of the woods – whatll happen to my cover? Only in extreme wind conditions and windy areas will your pool cover lift. Take your cover inside when that gale blows, as with everything else.
  • I live a sustainable and eco-wise lifestyle – will a thermal pool cover bring my pool into line with my eco-friendly principles? Absolutely – read our ‘Why Cover a Pool’ section to learn more about the reduced water and carbon footprints achievable with a GeoBubble pool cover. It’s the first step to a greener pool, in the eco-sense, of course!
  • What should I do if I notice a tear in my cover? Our covers are technically superior when it comes to materials and manufacturing processes but even a Rolls Royce can sustain wear and tear over time. Drop us a line and we will arrange a repair service for you. Delivery will be at your cost.
  • I want to achieve warmer water during the swimming season – is a pool cover the way to go or are heat pumps and/or solar the better choice? A GeoBubble pool cover is the FIRST step to heating your pool naturally. You’ll probably find the increase in temperature from solar gain is adequate without the need for heat pumps or traditional solar panels. GeoBubble covers are the most sustainable way to warm pool water – there is no cleaner or cheaper energy than the sun’s!
  • Do you supply Rollup Stations? Yes we do. Please refer to our Products page.
  • How long will these covers last? GeoBubble covers are high quality and durable. The Thermal GeoBubble will last 3-4 years while the EnergyGuard GeoBubble and Sol+Guard GeoBubble will last +/- 6 years.
  • Can I replace parts of my cover if they break or tear? Sure, we can arrange to send you a “spare part”. Order and pay for your spare material online and we will deliver it to you.
  • What are your guarantee terms? Please note that we will stand by our product from a manufacturing point of view which means that if it is defective in any way from a material quality or manufacturing perspective, you need to contact us by email and we will organise for the return of the cover. It may be necessary to send us photos so that we understand the error. However, be aware that we cannot take a cover back once it has been on the pool / in contact with water, so if you have manufacturing or workmanship concerns, raise them before you place the cover on the pool and before you trim the cover. As this is a very well known and tried and tested brand, namely GeoBubble, we know how long it should last and the experience is that any returns are invariably problems with chemical abuse and / or heat damage.
  • How long does my order take to arrive? How do I know if you don’t have availability of stock? Normal delivery times are 3 to 7 days anywhere in South Africa. If we are out of stock (unlikely as we plan well) we will post a notice on the website and social media.
  • Do you deliver anywhere? We deliver to all cities and towns in South Africa, wherever courier companies deliver. For very remote areas, a surcharge may apply, or you can arrange for a city centre drop off / collection point. Please drop us a line directly to arrange this.
  • Do you deliver outside of South Africa? Sorry, no.
  • Can I walk over the cover when on the pool? No, this is super dangerous! You will sink and may get trapped or tangled in the cover underwater. So you gathered it is not safe, so none of the Geobubble covers are. Drop us a line and tell us where you live – we will recommend alternative suppliers of safety covers in your area.
  • Can I swim in a partially covered pool? No. This can pose a drowning risk. If swimming, always remove the pool cover entirely and never play the fool by swimming under the cover – it doesn’t matter how good a swimmer you are, you’re asking for trouble.
  • Will my dog eat the cover material and damage it? We can’t promise that your dog won’t find it tasty and yes, if the dog chews on it, it will degrade the cover and affect performance. Best bet is just to break the dog’s habit (and use the word “No!” a lot.)

Contacting us

  • Where is your phone number? Can we call you for support? Unfortunately, no, you can’t call us. The reason we are able to offer such competitive prices is that we are an online store only. By being digital (it is the 21st century after all), we don’t have to employ people to answer phones and we don’t have to pass that cost on to you, the customer, in the product pricing. So, we keep our support to email only. This does not mean we are shady or disreputable, it means we run a tight ship and we understand value for money. Rest assured, there are real people behind the scenes running this website and making your pool covers!
  • Why do you have no physical address? See above – we don’t have a physical address because we don’t have customer care staff who deal with the public in person.
  • Why can’t I collect my cover? Our factory runs around the clock i.e. we work night shifts and, as orders are complete, they leave the factory and we don’t hold the orders. For this reason (and a couple of other good reasons), we can’t accommodate customers wanting to collect orders. Believe it or not, it just slows the entire factory down and we’re all about efficiency and being awesome.
  • I am unsure of your services and products – can I talk to your other customers? No. We will never share a customer’s contact details as a) it is not good etiquette, and b) it is not allowed under the Protection of Personal Information Act. Some customers have shared their experiences on our product pages under Reviews, (read here and here) so you are welcome to read those if you are in any doubt as to just how fantastic our GeoBubble covers are and how great this DIY pool cover service is. We rock, for real.


  • I don’t like my cover. Can I get a refund? Afraid not. We cannot accept returns or give refunds.


VIDEO GUIDE: How to trim and fit your GeoBubble cover


Savings figures: the savings achievable with a thermal cover can vary depending on pool size, local climate conditions, filtration systems and level of pool traffic. The savings figures stated here are based on a series of tests conducted under varying conditions -– be aware that every pool is different. Child safety and drowning prevention: please note that a thermal pool cover is not and should never be considered a safety cover or a child drowning prevention device. (If you’re looking to safeguard your pool for children, drop us a line and we’ll walk you through pool safety and put you in touch with the leader in Solid Safety Covers).

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