How to measure your pool

Step 1

First you need to obtain measurements at the pool’s longest length and widest width. Measurements are taken from the inside face of the pool at one end, to the inside face at the opposite end, to determine the longest and widest points of the pool.

To ensure that you actually have the longest length and longest width, double check your measurement by taking a second measurement of the length and a second measurement of the width. Position the second measurement a couple of meters away from your first measurement. The two should match. If they don’t match, take the bigger measurement (longest). In this way, you are also checking if your pool is built straight.

Kidney Shaped Pools: use a straight line at one side of the pool (see sketch) and measure from one end of the pool over the total length.

Please note: the measurement is taken from the inside wall of the pool at one end, to the inside wall at the opposite end, to determine length and width. To obtain the inside measurement, place your measuring tool inside the coping as demonstrated in the picture below.

Step 2

Once all measurements have been taken (and confirmed by way of a second measurement), please use the online order form to enter your measurements. Always round up the width measurement to the closest half meter, for example, 2.3m becomes 2.5m.

On the length measurement, you can enter the exact length without rounding it upwards.

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