Gutter Sleeve 10m

R170.00 Excl. VAT

One millimetre of rain on one square metre of roof yields one litre of water. In one wet season, this is a vast amount of water from an entirely natural and free resource! By attaching the gutter sleeve to a down pipe or gutter, one can direct valuable rain water into a swimming pool or rain water storage method. This is particularly valuable in droughts when the topping up of pools is not allowed with municipal water.




The PoolCovers Gutter Sleeve is a simple sleeve that slides up your gutter downpipe and is then channelled either into a swimming pool or a water tank, eliminating the need for pool top ups using municipal or borehole water. When not in use, simply roll up and leave in place under the downpipe or remove it entirely and store away.


  • Available in 5m and 10m lengths. Material width is 250mm which fits most downpipes.
  • Made from a clear 150 micron thick polyethylene.
  • Comes with cable ties to secure to the gutter downpipe.


The PoolCovers Gutter Sleeve has a 1 (one) year warranty.


5m – R97.75 incl vat / sleeve

10m- R 195.00 incl vat / sleeve

Shipping – R400


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