PoolCovers Rainwater Harvester 2000 Litre

R3,200.00 Excl. VAT

Rain. That glorious stuff that falls from the sky, on which so much depends and doesn’t cost a cent. Yet we let so much of it trickle off and go to waste? Did you know that one millimetre of rain on one square metre of roof yields one litre of water? Yup, it’s a serious amount of water. Now, by collecting free water your pool, garden and home can move towards being water-neutral with no reliance on city water.
Super simple to install DIY style, the PoolCovers Rainwater Harvester comes supplied with clear instructions on how to position the bag, how to prepare your downpipe and attach to the inflow, and how to attach the outlet to a hosepipe or small water pump.

Basically, we’ve designed it specifically for the domestic DIY market and its beauty lies in its simplicity (so no anxiety if you don’t in fact have an engineering degree!).

Like our DIY GeoBubble pool covers, our DIY Rainwater Harvester is one of those products you will wish you’d discovered years ago.



  • Smart way to catch and store non-potable (non-drinking) water for use in the garden or for topping up a pool. Great approach if you’re in a water restricted area.
  • Sunlight can’t penetrate the bag so algae is stopped in its tracks. This means you can maintain water hygiene without any chemicals.
  • Portable and easy to store when not in use. Move to another downpipe at any time – give all your gutters a turn.


  • The pillow shape bag lies on the ground next to a gutter downpipe. To install, the downpipe is cut one metre from the ground and the Rainwater Harvester is connected to the downpipe via a hose and clamps which are supplied.
  • When wishing to use the water, the rainwater harvester uses gravity. The water is on a simple valve system and can be opened to drain out the bag through a garden hose. The outflow is below the inflow to create pressure at the outflow point.
  • The Rainwater Harvester is available in a number of sizes to suit your water requirements and spaces. Sizes too small? No problem. A series of Harvesters can be interconnected in series to store larger volumes, if you have the storage space.

Materials and specifications

  • Made from a 600gsm PVC material that has been UV treated.
  • Lifespan of at least 5 years with no degradation of the material.
  • The water flows in via a PVC sleeve provided that is connected to the harvester via a 40mm tank connector.
  • The outflow contains a ball valve and standard 25mm click-on garden hose connector.
  • Supplied in DIY kit form with all the fittings for the inflow and outflow already attached.


  • 500 litre – 2m x 1m
  • 1 000 litre – 2.8m x 1.2m
  • 2 000 litre – 2m x 3m
  • 4 000 litre – 3m x 3m


The Power Plastics Rainwater Harvester is available as standard in a range of 4 sizes, namely:

  • 2 metres x 1 metre yielding approximately 500 litres when filled to capacity R1 200.00 incl vat
  • 2.8 metres x 1.2 metres yielding approximately 1 000 litres when filled to capacity R1 800.00 incl vat
  • 2 metres x 3 metres yielding approximately 2 000 litres when filled to capacity R2 400.00 incl vat
  • 3 metres x 3 metres yielding approximately 4 000 litres when filled to capacity R3 300.00 incl vat


  • The Harvester has a 1 (one) year warranty. Always follow the installation, maintenance and user guidelines. They’ve been written for good reason and will avoid the warranty being voided.


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