Sol+Guard GeoBubble – raise water temperatures naturally by up to 8 degrees Celsius

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R129.99 Excl. VAT per Msq

Delivery of pool covers ordered in late December will only be delivered once again from 6 January 2020.

The best cover choice when it comes to raising water temperatures and improving heat retention. Aesthetically pleasing, especially with the pool lights on at night.

Suited to: most shapes, indoor & outdoor pools

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  • Sol+Guard GeoBubble increases water temperature by up to 8-10° C, allowing longer swimming seasons and more enjoyable swimming during the peak season
  • Saves on pool electricity costs by over 50%
  • Evaporation reduced by over 98% – a significant water saving
  • Reduces chemical input by over 30% – water is kept clean and clear of debris
  • Sol+Guard is made from robust 500 micron polyethylene
  • Sol+Guard is clear or light blue (with blue tinge)
  • Expected lifespan: will last 4 to 6 years with correct care

11 reviews for Sol+Guard GeoBubble – raise water temperatures naturally by up to 8 degrees Celsius

  1. Ginia

    I can safely say that if you have a pool and don’t use this store to cover it, you’re crazy! Excellent email support and turnaround times, and pool covers that make total sense for SA right now. My whole family is now ordering your covers. Well done for a great service. Loving the Sol+Guard

  2. Maheshlyn Naidoo (verified owner)

    was a bit sceptical to order online but received cover in 4 days as promised. will feedback on how the cover performs regarding 98% reduction in evaporation and increase in temperature by 8 degrees. Happy with service though…

  3. Max Baumgartner (verified owner)

    I had a pool cover previously, local material, and it showed.
    This time I thought I would go for something better and it showed too. This Sol+Guard blanket is really fantastic. My pool heater hardly works anymore, as the water temperature just stays a 30 deg C.
    Thank you Your service was great and very friendly.

  4. Ilana Venter (verified owner)

    My pool cover was delivered within 6 days of ordering. It was very easy to cut to the shape of the pool.
    I was particularly impressed with the service I received. PoolCovers responded to my emails almost instantly and put in extra effort when they included some equipment that I ordered afterwards to the same delivery. I would definitely recommend them!

  5. Solomzi

    Hats off for your great service. Great turnaround time. Got exactly what I paid for. I will feedback later on claims made on the product

  6. Erich (verified owner)

    I installed the cover Thursday afternoon and the very next afternoon by water temperature increased by 6 degrees, the following day 7 degrees. I could not believe it. I now swim whenever I want, day or night. Thanks for a great product!

  7. Leila Kennedy-Lane (verified owner)

    The sol+guard geo bubble was exactly the kind of thermal cover we were looking for and we are delighted with the product. The pale turquoise colour mimics the usual colour of our pool when it is uncovered so it is really unobtrusive. It is also fairly translucent so the pool light shines through it at night. It has raised the temperature of the water by several degrees and has reduced evaporation to almost nothing.
    We received the cover within a few days of ordering and it was very easy to cut for a perfect fit. Thank you for your excellent advice, friendly and efficient service!

  8. Lena Nel

    Great service. I had a couple of questions and they got back to me the same day. We received our cover within 4 days. Our pool is not a standard shape but they supplied us with detailed instructions on how to cut it to fit perfectly. You can’t go wrong with

  9. Charl de Wet

    Well done! I was super sceptical to buy online (old school), but got excellent email support from them. Placed my order on Monday and pool cover was delivered to my doorstep three days later, exactly what I had ordered. They beat the closest competitor with R670.00.

  10. Dirk Lombard

    I bought a cover from in 2015. Previously our heat pump ran 8 hours a day and we had to fill the pool up at least once a week. Since we got the cover, the heatpump never run more than an hour a day, sometimes it does not even come on. Pool at 33 degrees, we swim every night for 9 months of the year. And we never have to fill up the pool, not once, little bit of rain is enough. Moved into a new house now, ordering my second cover today. They should make this law, that every pool in SA got one. Turn your white elephant of a pool into something you can use daily.

  11. Eddie Creed (verified owner)

    Once again excellent service from Poolcovers. My replacement cover arrived in Mossel Bay 2 days after order.
    My previous cover lasted 7 years and did exactly what was publicised. Highest water temperature in mid summer was 34 degrees which was while we were away for a few days.

    • Claire

      Thank you so much Eddie for taking the time to comment. We do love longstanding customers such as yourself!

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