So we knew it was going to be a busy summer but WOW! We are working through orders and queries as they come in but please remember that this is an online store only so there is no bionic sales team dedicated to handling support queries 24/7! This is what keeps our prices down, our service sharp and allows us to get orders out quicker than others in the industry.

We have posted a notice on our Product pages about the next production run scheduled for the end of November / early December. We trust that you are aware of the delays and wish to thank you for your continued support and understanding with delivery in early December.

Thanks for being first in the queue and being willing to wait! We will update you if anything changes. Thanks to all supporters. We really believe, as you do, that a covered pool makes a significant contribution to South Africa’s drought and water saving initiatives!

Any queries, drop us a line on Keep an eye on our Facebook page too for production updates.