South Africa is experiencing tough times and the average person does not turn their nose up at the chance to save a buck or two.  This summer, many families are opting to stay home and enjoy their outdoor living areas. What better time to accessorise your pool with a pool cover (pool blanket), heat the water and shrink your carbon footprint while you’re at it?, South Africa’s best value online pool cover store, has a range of thermal pool blankets to suit every need.

The ultimate choice for summer pools is the Sol+Guard high performance heating cover, which uses only the sun to warm the water by up to 8 degrees Celsius. Another bestseller is the EnergyGuard, a high performance cover designed to reduce power consumption by 50% and reduce algae growth. With excellent heat generation and heat retention properties, it also raises water temperatures by 6 to 8 degrees Celsius Also a great summer option is the Thermal GeoBubble cover, differing slightly to EnergyGuard and Sol+Guard but also an excellent performer in respect of heating, savings and reduced maintenance. These three thermal pool covers will give you an extra three months’ swimming a year – six weeks either side of summer, given the warmer water achieved. For those lucky enough to be in very warm provinces such as KwaZulu Natal where pools can get too warm, cool your pool to comfortable swimming temperatures with our CoolGuard GeoBubble cover which reflects solar energy away from the pool. High rates of water evaporation are also something to be aware of going into summer. An 8 x 4 m pool will lose 64 000 litres a year to evaporation. All our pool covers instantly curb evaporation by 98%+. In the time it took you to read this, your pool has cost you far more in water, power and chemicals than it should! So, haul out your credit card, place your order on and be swimming in a heated pool with a reduced carbon footprint in a matter of days! No mess, no fuss, just great-value DIY pool covers – you can’t go wrong with the self-service store!

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