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GeoBubble™ – it’s what every pool is wearing

This is a no mess, no fuss, just great value DIY pool cover shopping site. It offers the best quality branded thermal pool covers in the GeoBubble range. All GeoBubble products are specifically designed for swimming pools and use the distinctive bubble shape for maximum performance. We offer you an easy way to buy GeoBubble covers, delivered to your door. You can’t go wrong with the PoolCoverrs.co.za self-service store!

Why pool covers?

  • Warmer water – 6 to 8 ° C warmer actually and without any electrical heat pumps or solar panels required. A thermal pool cover simply absorbs the sun’s natural energy, transfers it to the water and curtails the natural heat loss cycle. In enjoyment terms – that’s a far more pleasant swimming experience and an eight-week longer swimming season either side of summer. You’ll be getting a lot more out of your pool once it is covered.
  • Reduce water evaporation by 98%. Think about how often you have to top up your pool when levels drop, especially in summer? You’ll be topping up a whole lot less with a thermal cover.
  • Reduce chemical input by 50%. A thermal cover stops chlorine from dissipating in sunlight i.e. with a cover, any chemicals you put in the pool work more effectively. Consumption is therefore lowered as chemical wastage is reduced.
  • Reduce algae growth. With an EnergyGuard cover, light can’t penetrate the cover and therefore algae growth is reduced. No more slippery surfaces or large chemical input to keep the algae from developing.
  • Power consumption. It’s no news that our power supply is to be conserved and becoming more costly every month. Because your pool cover reduces debris and dust collecting in the water, you’ll run your pump 50% less than you do currently.
  • Winterising. We may be in Africa but still there are a few months a year in which only the brave (or stupid!) swim in outdoor unheated pools. And yet in those months you’re still pouring water, power and chemicals into your pool but getting little in the way of enjoyment out of it. EnergyGuard, one of the thermal covers, is THE most innovative way to shut down a pool for the off season and scale back your maintenance costs. Think of it like putting your satellite TV subscription on hold when you’re away for long periods. Why waste resources on something you’re not using!

The green argument aside, pool covers also save money and you can expect your pool cover to pay for itself within 18 months.

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